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Train with iinduct facilitates dynamic training options for you and your workforce but also seamlessly manages staff’s training requirements.  This innovative solution ensures that your team stays up to date with internal and external training opportunities,  whether they are face-to-face sessions or internal recorded meetings.

The platform enables efficient tracking and reporting of training progress, ensuring managers have real-time insights into their team’s skill development.  The built-in navigation system, bulk administration features, and quality of use properties such as customised QR codes, enhance the overall training experience.

A robust training solution with unlimited course uploads, to get the flexibility and scalability for your business.  Centralising the learning process and streamlining the administration tasks associated with managing a diverse range of training programs.

Key Features & Benefits

Unlimited Courses

Tailor each training program to address your businesses specific needs with the ability to create and upload as many courses as necessary.  Courses can be established for a variety of training and induction purposes.  Enabling you to enrol your staff seamlessly into relevant courses and set clear guidelines ensuring efficient course creation, completion, and cultivating a transparent, proactive and informed training environment.

Custom Class QR Codes

Every new course created generates a unique QR code for efficient course completion tracking.  This QR code can be conveniently shared with trainers for in-person scanning during face-to-face sessions or displayed on-screen when training is to be completed online. Allowing you to stay informed in real-time on staff progress, offering a streamlined approach to monitoring course completion and ensuring timely feedback on training milestones.

Built-in Navigation

Help your staff prepare for upcoming training by equipping them with essential course details such as timings, equipment requirements, available resources, etc.  Accessible from mobile devices, staff can then also utilise the built-in navigation via the iinduct platform.  Embed Google Map navigation for face-to-face training, enabling employees to effortlessly find and attend external sessions.

Bulk Administration Functionality

Efficiently enrol multiple staff members into applicable courses and facilitate  attendance tracking in bulk.  With comprehensive reporting, get the visibility you need on staff’s training records and progress.  Enhancing the overall administrative efficiency of your training processes.

For more details or information on how iinduct can be of benefit to your organisation, request a demonstration with one of our experts.

Designed specifically to help businesses in the NDIS, Community, Allied Health and Aged Care sectors ensure new and existing staff are mobilised quickly and effectively with our Learning, Compliance and Training system.