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Curious about iinduct or MYP? Whether you are new to our platform or looking to expand your knowledge, we have compiled our most frequently asked questions from understanding how iinduct can help streamline your business processes and make your work more efficient, to learning tips and tricks on navigating the platform.  This FAQ will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is the subscription pricing based on number of users?

Your monthly subscription fee gives you access to the iinduct platform and is based on the total number of users (staff).

How many compliant document types can I create within iinduct?

You can create an unlimited number of compliant documents and training courses within our system.

Does iinduct provide content across Australia?

Yes, we have modules built for separate states based on each state’s legislation. Our content is mapped to the NDIS Standards (and other standards?) and we have a clinical nurse consultant who writes and approves our clinical modules for any complex-care needs.

Can iinduct customise content?

We can customise all content with your logos, colours and branding, as well as your documents, policies, and terminology unique to your business. We can also create custom modules such as information around a specific participant’s needs or a SIL house, for example.

Is it possible to set up ongoing annual training requirements?

Yes, we can set up automations so that your staff can be enrolled into modules on a recurring basis. You can do the same for compliance documents so that your staff are automatically reminded to upload a document as frequently as you require.

Can I create an induction package for new staff rather than allocating individual modules to each new staff member?

Absolutely. We can group modules together into an induction package to include all the key content that new staff members need to know. This can then be pushed out to any new employees.

What support does iinduct offer?

Our team is on hand 9am-6pm (AEST), Monday to Friday. We will review your urgent queries within 15 minutes to 3 hours. Our support guides are also available through the iinduct website for you to access at any time. In addition, we provide training on using the platform as well as short videos for your team to access.

Can we use the system on a PC or Mac?

Yes, you can also access the system on tablets and mobiles using an internet browser.

Can I access iinduct through my mobile?

Yes, iinduct is a cloud-based software that is accessible on any device at any time.

Is the training provided by iinduct online or face-to-face?

The learning modules we provide are online. It’s also possible for you to track any face-to-face training that you might be running internally or externally through the iinduct Train platform. We don’t provide any face-to-face training ourselves, however we can recommend some to you.

Does iinduct offer free trials?

Once you’ve had a look at iinduct we can enrol you in one or two modules so you can see exactly what content is covered in a specific module.

Still have Questions? If you havn’t found the answer please email us.

Designed specifically to help businesses in the NDIS, Community, Allied Health and Aged Care sectors ensure new and existing staff are mobilised quickly and effectively with our Learning, Compliance and Training system.