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iinduct is close-knit team of dedicated individuals who share a common goal and a background in the industry. Drawing from this firsthand experience, our team can empathise with the needs and challenges encountered by our clients. The depth of our platform is a result of our team’s extensive experience in community service, human services, and technology. This enables providers to construct compliance and operational frameworks more efficiently using our solution. Our platform’s design and support initiatives not only facilitate a swift setup but also empower our clients through customised content and access to in-depth reporting.


Our goal is to have your iinduct system live within 3-6 weeks.  Starting with a 2 hour onboarding call with our team, we’ll work through system configurations, branding and content development.  The iinduct team will also provide some tailored training over video call and provide access to some helpful videos on specific functions and workflows. Once that first module of content is ready, it’s your team’s chance to review the content before we go live.


The iinduct team is committed to enhancing your business operations by offering additional training to your chosen system administrators. Our comprehensive support aims to empower your workforce and address any technical support needs efficiently. Your organisation’s system administrators can then request additional assistance during business hours, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Additionally, our user-friendly help messaging system is conveniently accessible on all online content pages, ensuring swift support for your team.

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Designed specifically to help businesses in the NDIS, Community, Allied Health and Aged Care sectors ensure new and existing staff are mobilised quickly and effectively with our Learning, Compliance and Training system.