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Comply with iinduct empowers service providers in the NDIS, Aged Care, and Allied Health sectors to enhance their compliance management across their workforce. With streamlined workflows, your employees can easily stay on top of their documentation and compliance responsibilities through updating key information effortlessly, uploading documents in real time via their mobile or device reducing administrative burden. With automated reminders and the ability to review, approve and provide prompt feedback, your business can ensure your workforce stays ahead of all their documentation requirements, contributing to a more efficient and compliant operational framework.

Key Features & Benefits

Automated Alerts & Renewals

Optimise staff documentation management.  Tailor reminders and automate renewals to effortlessly track and meet your documentation requirements.  Configure reminder schedules at a cadence that aligns with your workforce needs, and notify management automatically on staff document upload.  Progress the review and approval process in real-time, and apply automatic renewal allocation for upcoming expirations establishing a proactive approach that ensures timely compliance and improved operational efficiency for your business.

Streamlined Document Requirement Allocation

Request and upload as many compliance documents as required for your organisation with unlimited uploads.  Utilise the Bulk Assign feature to distribute document uploading responsibilities across multiple users, effectively reducing administrative procedures.  Ensure seamless collaboration and simply the allocation of compliance documentation for optimal efficiency.

Operational Reporting & Dashboards

Conduct company- wide reports or detailed individual reviews effortlessly, and export data as needed for thorough auditing.  Benefit from easy-to-use search and sort functionalities that streamline the filtering of specific documentation, organisational roles, location and document status (overdue, pending, etc).  This comprehensive reporting provides valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and ensuring transparency across your business.

For more details or information on how iinduct can be of benefit to your organisation, request a demonstration with one of our experts.

Designed specifically to help businesses in the NDIS, Community, Allied Health and Aged Care sectors ensure new and existing staff are mobilised quickly and effectively with our Learning, Compliance and Training system.