Our Team

i-induct comprises of a small team of Human Service and Technical professionals, all of whom have specific and extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector in managerial, clinical, and educational settings.

Andrew Williams:

i-induct was created by Andrew Williams who has spent over 30 years within the Human Services sector. He has worked at all 3 levels of government as well as holding executive and general management roles in a large National Not-for-profit agency. 

Andrew's particular expertise includes:

  • Significant experience providing short, medium, and long term business strategies within Human Service Agencies, especially Disability Services, 
  • Significant experience managing complex multi-site community based services across large geographical areas,
  • Significant experience communicating and consulting with a broad cross-section of people, communities, and environments (government, service users, families, staff, boards of management, volunteers, etc).
  • Significant experience developing risk management and other key business processes within not-for-profit environments,
  • Significant experience in the development and assessment of service viability models,
  • Significant experience developing and preparing tenders and submissions. 

Wendy Williams:

Wendy has over 28 years experience as a Registered Nurse and is a Clinical Nurse Consultant within i-induct. Wendy also manages the administrative background within the i-induct cloud.

Wendy also provides support to our client agencies on matters relating to Clinical Governance, Health and Physical Practices and Medication Management.

 Wendy has significant experience in:  

  • Support and Care Plans;
  • Competency Based Assessment within a nursing and residential care environment;
  • complex health care needs;
  • Medication management and administration; and
  • Infection control and risk within a community support setting.

Daniel Thornbury:

Dan has worked for over 18 years in the technology and online learning sector in Australia and manages the design and implementation of the iinduct platform. 

Dan holds a Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology in Education as well as a Degree in Adult Learning and Development.

Dan has worked in the private sector as well as holding senior positions within the Victorian Education Sector (Queens College) and various RTO’s and TAFE.

Dan’s particular focus is designing the architecture needed for people to effectively engage with online content. His skills and experience include:

  • Platform development; technical and strategic direction, including business planning and sales strategy development.
  • API integration design, development and maintenance (e.g.: Braintree/Paypal/Google API/SMS Gateway)
  • Web site traffic growth and monitoring, UI and UX development
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Custom online solutions for SMEs using custom frameworks

Dr Dominique Parrish : 

Dominique has spent over 28 years in the education sector, specialising in policy and resource development, web-based training and project management. Dominique has significant expertise in the area of Learning and Development, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership and has a wealth of practical experience in adult education in both government and non-government agencies.

Dominique has been heavily involved in Resilience and Drug Education initiatives facilitating the development of policies and resources for Drug Education and Student Health and Well-being, conducting student focus groups around resilience and well-being.

Dominique has delivered numerous professional development, drug education and resilience workshops in schools to teachers and school executives, at conferences to drug education consultants and in sessions with parents. She has been directly involved with a number of the REDI suite of resources as a member of steering committees, in the sub-editing development and production of the resources and in writing resource content.

Most recently Dominique has broadened her resilience focus to include work environments and leadership; she has been developing training packages and conducting professional development in organisations to promote resilience and emotional intelligence in leaders and is currently researching the benefits and requirements of resilient, emotionally intelligent organisations and work environments.

Kylie Gilroy:

Kylie has over 18 years experience as an office and systems administrator within community services and commercial enterprises.

Her role at i-induct includes administering and processing requests and learning options for our customers. Kylie’s particular expertise includes:

  • Office Administration;
  • Systems Support;
  • Data Entry and Processing; and
  • Customer Service.